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Hide number on Android

Many times it happens that we want or need to call a certain number but we do not want the person we are calling to know our number, especially currently, since many sites register our number and then send us advertisements continuously, something that displeases everyone, so in this tutorial we are going to show you how hide your phone number on Android when making calls.

To hide our number we have several ways to do it, although one method is easier than another, both are very easy to carry out.

Hide number to make a single call

This is the easiest way to hide our number, as we will only have to place a code just in front of the number on the markerIn this way, the person we are calling will not know from which number we are calling. In the case of Spain, the code to use is # 31 #, but each country has its own, so if you do not reside in Spain you should consult your operator.hide number android2

Hide number indefinitely

With this method we will hide our number indefinitely, so all the calls we make will be with a private number. To hide the number we will do it from the app Telephone, so that it is possible that on your mobile it is not done in exactly the same way (most likely yes) because the app changes a bit depending on the manufacturer, although they are all very similar.

To hide the number we will enter the Telephone application as if we were going to call a number, and then we will enter the Settings pressing the three points that we usually find in the upper right part of the interface, in this way we will enter the Call settings and then we will have to go to Additional Settings> Caller ID> Hide number.hide number android1

In this way your number will be hidden in all the calls you make without having to enter any code until you decide to change it by repeating the process.