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Here’s how to prevent Google Chrome from saving your browsing history

When using Google Chrome All websites we visit are saved in the history.. This is only avoided when using the incognito mode in the browser. Some people want their history not to be saved even when the browser is used in normal mode. Hence, many people erase this history to some extent. There may be other options.

Because there is a possibility Prevent the browser from saving the history From the websites we visited. Even if you are using Google Chrome in normal mode. This is definitely an option that may be of interest to many users and is explained in more detail below.

Regrettably, No function in the browser Indigenous. The only way to avoid saving this history is to always use it in secret mode. With this in mind, you should use a third party tool that does not allow your browser to save your browsing history. And there are tools that can help in this case.

It’s an extension You can easily download it in Google Chrome. This extension prevents the browsing history from being generated. As long as you are using the extension in your browser, no visit or visit to the websites you have visited will therefore be recorded. So this is a very convenient and easy to use option. I’ll talk more about them below.

Prevent Google Chrome from saving the history

History expansion

History on / off is the name of this extension You can use this in Google Chrome to prevent your browser from saving your browsing history. You can download it directly from your browser’s extended storage without paying. If you want to use You can download it from this link.. the only thing you have to do in this regard is download it in your browser and wait for it to install.

The extension offers several options when using it.. As the name suggests, you can turn on history to record every page you visit. You can also turn it off by pressing the History off option. Therefore, when you press this mode, anything you access online will not be saved in your browsing history. Therefore you have to activate this option in your extension to prevent this.

We don’t have to do a lot for that. When you install the extension in Google Chrome, you will see this icon at the top of the system tray. Just click on this iconAn expanded menu will appear on the screen allowing you to configure your usage. There are several options in this menu, one of which is[履歴オフ]So you have to press it to highlight it. If this option is checked, it is already activated in your browser.

These are options that you can activate or deactivate at any time... If you therefore want to prevent web pages accessed by Google Chrome from being registered,[履歴オフ]Activate the option. When you’re done, just uncheck this option and your browser will regenerate the history. It is something that we can use to our liking with no problem. So if you need to use this option, you shouldn’t have any problems with this. It’s easy to use and it can prevent your browser from generating the browsing history mentioned above.