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Here’s how to enable auto-save in Microsoft Excel so you don’t lose anything

When using various documents in the Microsoft Office suite, such as Excel spreadsheets or Word or PowerPoint, one of the greatest dangers in the above documents is a power failure due to a bug other than the software or the computer. All data can be lost and can be a serious problem in your work environment.

With this in mind, Microsoft has made various improvements over the years to enable content recovery in these cases. It is safest to activate Autosave directlyWith a new option in Microsoft Office, content is saved directly in the cloud so that you can access the changes made directly at any time and without loss.

How to configure autosave in Microsoft Excel so you don’t lose your spreadsheet changes

In this case, the auto save function is very simple, you have to Have a Microsoft account (It can be entirely personal, business or just educational) and The latest version of Office 365 installedBecause the option in question is very new and may not be present in all versions.

Along with Upload Microsoft Excel documents directly to OneDrive, The company’s cloud service. When you make changes, as long as your computer is connected to the internet Updated in the online versionIt is accessible from any device at any time and not only is it uploaded instantly, but there is also no risk of loss.

All you need to do to enable auto save Place the slider that appears in the upper left corner.. When you press it, the wizard will first ask for the Microsoft account you want to use, then choose its name and location.

Enable the automatic saving of documents to the cloud in Microsoft Excel

Once you do, Microsoft Excel will automatically start uploading the document to the cloud in a location of your choice. Then once you make some changes to the table, Above you can see how the changes are updated dynamically.Therefore, there is no risk of losing them in the event of a failure.