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Easily create your own images with ASCII art ▷ ➡️ ▷ ➡️

Create ASCII art (images generated from symbols, letters and numbers), it can often be somewhat tedious and complicated if we do not have the right tool, and the results obtained are almost always not as pleasant as we expected. However, as one more alternative, we have at our disposal ASCII Generator dotNET; a simple one for free app to create ASCCI art, of simple use and pleasant results.

ASCII Generator dotNET it’s a free program for windows, which has an interface in English but quite intuitive, the particular and remarkable thing about this utility is that the ASCII art generated can be saved as image files in formats JPG/GIF/BMP/PNG (color – black and white). And of course as text also available in color and white / black. Being that few programs have these characteristics.
The art generated from an image can be clearly personalized both in brightness / contrast / size and type of characters. Which is synonymous with a good result if we configure it properly.

ASCII Generator dotNET It is compatible with Windows (7 / Vista / XP, etc), it requires at least .NET framework 2.0, if someone likes the free code is available.

Note.- I publicly thank Geraldine Pereira Cuellar, model and friend, who was the beautiful muse for the realization and captures of the program 😉

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Official site | Descargar  ASCII Generator dotNET 0.9.6