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Download photos and videos from Instagram

Instagram is a social network that little by little a site has been made among users. The application has managed to improve a lot with the passage of time. And they have been adding new functions that contribute to this improvement. In addition, it is a site that we use more and more to get inspiration. Many people search travel photos, fashion or humor in the application.

Therefore, on many occasions you I would like to be able to save the photo you have seen on the profile of someone you don’t know. Unfortunately, on Instagram that is not possible. The good news is that it is already possible, there is a very simple way to save photos and videos from Instagram. Do you want to find out how? We explain how below.

Download photos and videos with InstaSaver

InstaSaver is an application what is going to allow us download photos and videos of Instagram in a really simple way. We explain how below. First of all, you must download the app from Google Play. It is a free application, and it has advertising. Although, I have to say that the advertising in the application is not really annoying or intrusive, so does not affect its functionality.

Once we have it downloaded, when you open it you see that you request the url of the photo or video that you want to save. And this is how InstaSaver works. Therefore, the first thing to do when you are in the Instagram application is to copy the url of the photo. To do that just click on the menu (three vertical dots) and there you get an option is to copy the URL. Once done, just go to InstaSaver and paste the URL of the photo or video in question. Then you will see the screen that you can see in the third photo. And now you can save the photo on your device in this simple way.

In addition, in the event that there are several photos that you want to save at the same time, it is also possible. There is a way to do it. Just go copying the URL of various posts on Instagram and InstaSaver will detect it. InstaSaver it is a very useful application. Plus, its use is really simple as you may have seen. Thanks to her, we can save the photos we like the most from Instagram. And in this way benefit from another trick of the many that we can discover in the application. What do you think of InstaSaver? Do you find it useful? We leave you with your download link below.