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Download an .apk file from Google Play

Download an .apk file from Google Play it is not possible from the store itself. If it is true that to install an application through Google Play, the .apk is automatically downloaded to our mobile and it is installed automatically, but in this process there is no easy way to get hold of it.

In fact, downloading an .apk file from Google Play borders on the terms of legality and obviously we are not responsible for the use that you give to the following tools that we will mention. To download .apk files from the Google store I recommend two very simple methods.

First of all remember that there may be many reasons why you want to download a file from Google Play, some mobiles do not have Google Play, others cannot have it (such as Amazon tablets and mobiles), you may want to keep the version for the future or It may even be that the application is not available in the country you want to download and in this case it is best to choose to get the install it for someone else through the Unknown sources or Unknown sources option (depending on the terminal).

Download the .apk directly from Google Play

There is a tool that allows us to download the files from Google Play. Here we explain how it works.

  • First of all you must get the identifier from an application on Google Play.

If you enter Google Play you will see that the url structure (if you do it through a browser) is similar to The code It is the unique identifier of the application and you just have to copy it to get it.

  • Once this is done, we go to the APK Dowloader application (an online tool) and paste it there in the writing drawer.

If we click on “Generate Convert Link“And then in”Click here to download”Will start downloading the APK automatically on our mobile or PC.

APK Mirror

Choose to search for the application in APK Mirror

APK Mirror is a website where they are stored thousands of Android apps with all its previous versions and most of them are those that are in Google Play without counting the extras that are also stored.

This service is faster and more efficient since you only have to enter APK Mirror and enter the name of the application you are looking for in the box Search on the right. Once found you will click on it directly and then on the option Download (with secure installation).

This last option is safer, more legal and very complete since it has the different versions and many times (if not always) it is updated before Google Play itself. APK Mirror has been integrating applications for over a year, so you will find many of the versions that have emerged to date of the different applications. What method do you prefer? Did you remember APK Mirror? It is one of the options that we have used at the time to update WhatsApp to the latest version.