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Discover Open Source games from Red Hat Arcade

Video games are something that little by little have been gaining prominence in Linux, however, the vast majority of these are still just as exclusive as when they could only be played on Windows. In order to help change the situation a bit, Red hat has taken the decision to make publicly available some of the video games that until now were only available to those who attended their events.

The story derives from the fact that one of the Communities of Practice Red Hat’s latest is dedicated to video games. From the efforts of this community, some games emerged that were available for use in the stands Red Hat at conferences, the first being Customer Portal Engage, which was built around the Leap Motion Controller.

Over time, more games were created that could be played in the Command Line Heroes Arcade arcade machines placed at events such as Red Hat Summit, Open Source Summit, KubeCon and others. But as we all know, the Covid-19 pandemic has forced events to have to be held virtually, a circumstance that did not stop Red Hat thanks to the fact that the games were built with web technologies, which greatly facilitated their deployment to through other means.

Command Line Heroes Arcade

Virtual assistants were able to access some of the games from the Red Hat Summit held in 2020. The operation was repeated in events such as IBM Think, Open Source Summit and KubeCon with great success, since each virtual assistant spent about 40 minutes playing, an average amount that in the eyes of the company meant an increase in the popularity of the games.

However, and because the intention was to keep the essence of the arcade machines alive, access was cut off after the events closed. Luckily that changed as of last October 2020, when in the celebration of “We Are Red Hat Week” decided to give the games a new location that was permanent and also open to the public with its own subdomain, which has recently finished materializing. An interesting fact is that the games have built-in rankings, which can encourage competitiveness, especially among Red Hat employees.

Red Hat Arcade runs on top of a Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated implementation hosted on the OSCI infrastructure of the Red Hat company’s Office of Open Source Programs. The games, whose source codes are published as free software, are built with HTML5 and are served through httpd-container and Node.js s2i containers. Do you want to test your skills? Accede to Red Hat Arcade and see how far you can go.