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Delete locked print documents in one click with Stalled Printer Repair ▷ ➡️ ▷ ➡️

One of the printing problems Common, which surely on some occasion we have all experienced, is the fact that the print queue gets stuck causing all documents to be printed to be totally blocked. What to do at that critical moment? we wonder, just not worry and use Stalled Printer Repair; the simplest and most practical solution.

Stalled Printer Repair is a free application in English that takes care of detect and unlock jammed print documentsThe nice thing about this program is that when it is run, it automatically detects whether or not it exists locked print documents, and then click on the button ‘Purge Print Jobs‘ and ready. Problem solved efficiently.

Stalled Printer Repair it is compatible with the versions Vista / XP / 2000 / NT… of Windows, it is distributed in two versions; with its respective installer file and another portable one, both very light by the way.

Official site | Descargar Stalled Printer Repair