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Connecting and controlling Spotify from Google Maps is that simple

As soon as we get in the car there is one thing that cannot be missed: music. It is rare to see a car that is not playing a song and that Google knows. That is why andto allow you to connect Spotify (or other players) to Google Maps to control everything from one place.

From here you will be able to know how to connect both services and make them work in unison. Before continuing, we recommend that you take a look at this Google Maps update, it will let you see how many free seats there are on the bus.

How to connect Spotify or other player to Google Maps

The process does not have any complications although it can be somewhat confusing. For this we are here, below you can find all the steps you must follow. Yes indeed, make sure you have the latest version installed for it to work:

  • When you start the route you will see a floating window that will suggest you to do it, that is the fastest and easiest way. From there you can choose your favorite player and it will be ready.
  • If you haven’t found it, you can always go to the settings. In them look “Navigation Settings” and in the end you will see “Default Multimedia Application”. Just above you have some photos in case you don’t see it.

The method of operation is very simple and very intuitive. Being en route at the bottom you will see a small player integrated in the same application. From it you can change and pause the song in the blink of an eye.

The tab has caught our attention “To explore”. From her we can choose some of our favorite playlists and groups without having to go to Spotify itself. The truth is that it works very well and we see a lot of sense that they have incorporated it. Here we leave you 6 other secrets that surely no one has told you about Google Maps.

google maps spotify player

At the moment this is all we can tell you about this new Google Maps tool. What did you think of the implementation of Spotify? Do you think it is perfect or does it still have room for improvement? Do not forget to leave us your opinion in the comments section.