Surely the vast majority who have taken their first steps in Windows 10, have gone through creating a user account associated with their Microsoft account to be able to adhere to that data synchronization between different devices or so that Cortana go learning of your daily chores either through a smartphone or a computer.

But it can happen that after having been a few weeks with Windows 10, you suddenly want to switch your main account to a local account due to various reasons, such as maintaining a little privacy on your own personal computer or for other serious reasons. Next we teach you to change to a local account in Windows 10.

How to switch to a local account in Windows 10

  • Let’s go through first “Settings” from the start button in Windows 10
  • Now in configuration we go directly to «Accounts»
  • Already from this section of accounts, we find all the information concerning the different ones that we have. We go to the administrator or the one that we want to change to local from the option “Sign in with a local account instead”

First step

  • From the new pop-up window in blue we are going to make a series of configurations as in the first one to enter the password of the Microsoft account that you verify that it is our account. We introduce it as is

Second step

  • The next step is enter all local account details how is the username, password and hint

Third step

  • Finally, we are going to give Windows permission to log out, so it is important that you have everything well saved before restarting session

An optional step to remove all traces of your account You can find the Microsoft account on the main “Accounts” screen under “Your Account.” You will find this associated account in “Other accounts you use” at the bottom of this window.

With all this, you will have your local account ready in Windows 10 without being associated with one of Microsoft.