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Change GPS location on Android

Our Android terminal gives us the option to deactivate the location in the event that we do not want to report where we are, but we also have the option to change GPS location on Android. How will we do this? With an application that acts as an intermediary and will simulate the change of location on our mobile. To do this, you will access the Location Settings. Discover Fake Location Spoofer Free:

Change Google’s location to a fake one

If you don’t want to give your real location or you want to change it for some reason, there is a very interesting tool in Google Play that changes the location that is shown from your device. This app is Fake Location Spoofer Free, and what it will do is trick the GPS into thinking we are somewhere else. This is the interface where we will activate the false location:


As soon as we open the application, it will send us two things: activate the location (high precision mode or at least it has the GPS signal and activate the developer options). Once all this is done, it will be enough to select within Settings> Developer options, the option that says “Simulated locations”If you don’t have Lollipop, it will put another phrase, but it will be similar.

After doing this, it will take us back to the map. Yes we write the place we want to go or we select it manually, it will be enough to set that new place as our location. That is to say, the selected place will be the location that our contacts will see. How do we test that it works? Easy. If you have an app to know the weather, it will show you where you are to analyze it, so it is a fast way to find out.

Download Fake Location Spoofer Free, it’s free

Users of the Google Play community are delighted with this application, Fake Location Spoofer Free, and no wonder, since we can mislead other users about where we are. It is really interesting not to give our true location and to make believe that we are in another place.

If you like the application, feel free to try it, It’s free and as you see the users love it. Do not hesitate to leave us your opinion of the Fake Location application in the comments. You may come across some advertising in its use, but it also has a premium version to remove it.

How about Fake Location Spoofer Free? Would you recommend it?

Download | Fake Location Spoofer Free on Google Play (Free)