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Challenging game for the weekend ▷ ➡️ ▷ ➡️

Friday arrived and with it, our section of the game for the weekendToday we will comment on a game that denotes simplicity, but that at the same time is addictive, as it may also be boring for others; Canabalt.

Escape from the demolition of your city with a single button!

Canabalt takes place in a city of scenery futuristic-apocalyptic, set with robots, bombs and brilliantly catastrophic sounds. The character (who curiously looks like Michael Jackson), you will have to escape the imminent attack by the androids, jumping buildings, dodging bombs and other obstacles that will appear on the way, such as pigeons. Canabalt

The game turns extremely intense as you progress, the speed increases if you have not had errors and the character starts running without stopping. The distance traveled is displayed in meters and it can be a challenge to start over in order to beat your own mark or record. If you lose, don’t worry, as the scenarios are random and the degree of difficulty will vary.

To play you only need to press a key, either the X, C or the space bar. By pressing the Esc key, you can play in full screen mode. That easy!

Canabalt it’s a free game for pc, portable of barely 4, 93 MB. Compatible with Windows in all its versions.

Link: Download Canabalt

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