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Características y funcionalidades de Inkscape

Have you ever heard about Inkscape but you don’t know what it is? In the following article we will introduce you to the Inkscape features and its functionalities, we invite you to continue reading.


Inkscape professional software.

Inkscape Features: What is Inkscape?

Inkscape is specialized software that can be installed on an Apple, Windows or GNU / Linux device. The choice of both beginners and specialists due to the amount of diagrams that it allows to design, from maps to logos.

This software is licensed free, that is, it is open source, which indicates that no license is needed for its use, it also has an SVG format.

It has characteristics very similar to other private code software such as: CorelDraw or Freehand. This software is based on the well-known W3C model.

What are the requirements to install inkscape?

To be able to use this software it is necessary to have at least a 2 GHz dual-core processor, 25 GB of free disk space and 2GB of memory.

What are the benefits of using inkscape?

  • Format flexibility: This tool has the advantage of adapting to a series of document formats, it also has a series of elements that can be used to send and edit the documents after they have been prepared easily and quickly.
  • Import external data: It has a facility to convert files to an external format, such as being compatible to import files and documents of different formats. Giving the facility to carry out jobs without having to create them from scratch.
  • Promotes creativity: By having great tools that promote fluency and creation of unique and original content, it allows the designer to stand out as a quality graphic designer.
  • It covers a large number of functions: As the software focuses on graphic design, it has a variety of options that no other similar software has. It is compatible with most operating systems.
  • Professional editor for illustrations: The software is based on the work of the design, therefore, it will be possible to design a wide variety of drawings with comfort and great ease. It has a tool that allows the editing of graphics of any type of colored lines.
  • Creation of bots: It is easy to adapt programs for automatic graphing, customizing programs that can be executed by the user.
  • Vector design: Using vector programs increases the efficiency and maximizes the quality of the developed drawings.

Inkscape features

Among the Inkscape options, you can modify objects, having the facility to rotate, move, group elements that are in the drawing that is being developed.

Element design, has alternative tools facilitating the development of the design that is being considered. Among other functions there are: edge filling, path operations, rendering, text support.

It also has alternatives for exports, conversion and the possibility of creating and changing files that are under the SVG extension.

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Inkscape 0.92.