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Backup and restore drivers in Windows, easy and with a couple of clicks ▷ ➡️ ▷ ➡️

Although they remember in a previous article, with the tool DriverBackup!, I commented on what are drivers (or Drivers), what is their importance and why do we have to make a backup of them. Well, returning to this topic today, I want to comment (and recommend) about an excellent alternative that I have been using for quite some time; it’s about the good freeware Double Driver.

Double Driver It stands out and stands out from the rest by having an intuitive design (in English), very practical and without complications of so many menus and settings. Its objective is well defined: Backup and restore drivers easily. To do this, as soon as it is executed, those controllers that we are advised to support, that is, those that are not typical of the system; in the case of devices, printers, audio, etc.. What follows will be to mark the ones we need and choose one of the 3 modalities it offers:

  1. Structured folder (copied separately and organized in a default folder).
  2. Compressed folder (Zip, which saves disk space and protects files).
  3. Single file autoextraible (a single executable).

Done this in a matter of seconds our drivers will be backed up, safe and ready to be restored (with Double Driver of course) anytime we need to format the PC. It’s that simple and fast, you can optionally save your list of drivers in a text file or print if you prefer.

With Double Driver It is also possible to scan another system, that is, in case we have more than one version of Windows in another unit, and then continue with the driver backup. What I like is that it is a lightweight 2.6MB tool, portable (no need to install) and is compatible with Windows XP / Vista / 7 (32 and 64-bit). Highly recommended really friends.

Link: Double Driver
Descargar Double Driver