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Armory 0.4 available with support for Blender 2.8 »MuyLinux

In December of last year we showed you Armory 3D, a 3D video game engine that integrates into Blender and its intention is to offer a more open alternative to traditional products in the sector, supporting export to Windows, GNU / Linux, Mac, HTML5, Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Days ago it was announced Armory 3D version 0.4, which stands out for turning this 3D video game engine into a truly free product and Open source; include fixes from the trial period prior to this release; the cloning and simple construction of Armory, being able to configure the SDK in Blender manually; support for Blender 2.8; Template for third person game added in preview; HashLink allows you to compile Haxe (the toolkit that Armory relies on) to C; module support in WebAssembly; a voxel world template (which requires code for now); and improvements to animations and tessellation. There are many more news that can be consulted in them release notes.

At the time we presented Armory 3D as a promising project, and it seems that the expectation generated around it is beginning to pay off, since Jayanam and Game From Scartch They recently started tutorials to teach the basics on how to use it. Those who are interested in using it just have to download it from its official website.

Armory 3D still has a long way to go, but little by little it is generating interest. Here we cannot forget Godot, another project that is becoming known and aspires to be relevant in the development of commercial video games.