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an iPhone app that turns Spotify into TikTok

TikTok is the social network of the moment. That is why all the big platforms have tried to copy their winning formula (YouTube, Instagram and Facebook). But even if its rivals try, TikTok continues to be the platform par excellence when we want to enjoy a feed full of short videos where you just have to swipe down to find new clips.

The success of TikTok is due in large part to this feed format and its powerful algorithm. For this reason, new apps that offer a similar design have not stopped being launched. Could you imagine a music app in the style of TikTok? Well, there is already one on iOS and its name is Anthem, an app that turns Spotify into this popular social network.

Anthem: an iPhone app that turns Spotify into TikTok

With Anthem you can turn Spotify into TikTok on your iPhone

Anthem is an iOS app that you can download for free to your iPhone using the box below. This app is characterized by mix the music content offered by Spotify with the social features and feed of TikTok. To do this, from the first moment you start it you will be asked to link your Spotify account.

Thus, the app will obtain data about your musical preferences. You will also have to choose your favorite songs and join two clubs. Clubs in Anthem are music-themed groups (example: movie song club) where you can share a photo or message with the song you like the most to interact with other members.

‎Anthem: Discover & Share Music

Anthem’s Explore window is like a musical TikTok

Anthem's Discover window is a musical TikTok

Now, the most attractive thing about the Anthem app is in the Explore section. In this window is where we find the classic TikTok style feed that we like so much. Just by sliding down or up you can listen to 30-second clips of songs that the algorithm recommends based on your musical tastes. And if you liked a song, just double-tap on the clip and it’s immediately added to your playlist.

In this way, Anthem is an app with which you can live the TikTok experience on Spotify for discover new songs and create your playlist in a fun way. For now, the app is only available for iPhone. And you… Would you like Anthem to reach Google Play?