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a very comfortable and complete vacuum cleaner

The most complete vacuum cleaners that we have tested always end up having the same problem: they become very heavy and uncomfortable to use. And it is that, the more things they are capable of doing, the bigger and more impractical. Fortunately, there are vacuum cleaners that they manage to be multifunctional with a light, versatile and ergonomic design, like the Tineco Pure One X that we have to analyze on this occasion.

We could say that this vacuum cleaner is the minimalist version of the Tineco Floor One S3, since it has fewer functions and a simpler design. However, despite the lack of the mopping function, we prefer to call it “the improved version” because objectively our experience of using this vacuum cleaner has been more satisfactory. If you want to know why, join us to analyze it thoroughly.

Tineco Pure One X vacuum cleaner: the complete review in Spanish

Tineco Pure One X in use
The Tineco Pure One X has an ergonomic grip

If we were to apply gaming subtraction design to vacuum cleaners, the result would be the Tineco Pure One X. It has no unnecessary or seldom-used features. It only offers you the most important: comfort, vacuum/sweep function and smart dirt detection. Thanks to this, it has a weight of less than 3 kg, more than 1 hour of autonomy, a lot of power but without noise, monitoring through an app and a reduced price.


Tineco Pure One X

Dimensions and weight 110 x 28 x 26 cm. 2.35 kg with the tube and 1.3 kg as a handheld vacuum.
Power 260W. With a suction power of 80 W.
Functions Vacuum and sweep on all types of hard surfaces.
Battery 2500mAh for a range of up to 70 minutes.
Loading time Nails 3.2 hours about.
Deposit 400ml of powder.
Noise 70dB
Filter 4 level HEPA that removes 99.97% of allergens down to 0.3 μm.
Additional features led ring, iLoop sensor that adjusts power automatically according to the dirt detected and can be controlled with the Tineco application.

How is the Tineco Pure One X?

The Tineco Pure One X is a cordless vacuum cleaner that only weighs 1.3 kg. If you use it standing up with its metal tube, it weighs 1 kg more. Its trigger-type design is 100% curved, which makes it very ergonomic. It is light and quite comfortable.. It doesn’t bother me at all, even after using it for a whole cleaning. By the way, it has a little lever to lock the trigger so you can vacuum without having to press the button all the time.

Its body and almost all its accessories are made of robust and resistant plastic. Uses a 400 ml transparent dust container which is not very big, but it is enough for one or several routine cleanings. And considering that it can be removed to empty it very easily, it does not seem like a problem. The vacuum itself can also be easily disassembled for maintenance.

Close to its 260 W power motor, it has a HEPA filter that you must change every year. Thanks to that filter, the vacuum cleaner does not let escape 99.97% of the allergens it picks up, thus guaranteeing clean air in your home. And it is that its filtration system is made up of 4 stages and a highly effective pre-filter.

As you can see in the images, you can use the Tineco Pure One X as a handheld or standing vacuum cleaner. In both cases it is very versatile, since It does not take up much space and allows you to reach hard-to-reach areas without complications.. In addition, with the large number of accessories included in the box (we will detail them in the next section), it is impossible for you not to be able to vacuum something in your house due to some limitation of the vacuum cleaner.

Its main head rotates in all directions effortlessly and even has lights to better see what is being vacuumed. Another point in favor of this vacuum cleaner is that it makes practically no noise.. At most it produces 70 dB, which is the noise level of a normal conversation.

But the most interesting thing about the Tineco Pure One X is that it uses iLoop technology that automatically adjusts the suction power according to the amount of dirt it detects. To do this, it has a built-in sensor that makes the LED ring of the vacuum cleaner turn red when it is in the presence of a lot of dirt or blue when the vacuum cleaner has already done the job and the surface is clean. You can also control it manually with a button it has.

As for the battery, it uses a 2500 mAh one that with the lowest power mode it gives you a range of 70 minutes. This without installing any accessory, eye. If you use it with the motorized brush, the lights on and full power, it will only give you about 11 minutes of cleaning. The good thing is that it takes a little over 3 hours to charge to 100%, which is not long for this type of product.

The Tineco Pure One X includes all the accessories you need

Tineco is a brand that usually includes in the box of its vacuum cleaners all the necessary accessories to get the most out of them. And this Tineco Pure One X is no exception. Your box brings everything you see below:

  • extender tube: it is the one that extends the reach of the vacuum cleaner so that you can use it standing up.
  • Main body: the vacuum cleaner itself where its motor and HEPA filter are.
  • Motorized brush with LED lighting: it is the brush for the floor that allows you to use the standing vacuum cleaner. It has a roller that rotates to remove dirt, as well as integrated LED lights to better see what you are vacuuming in places that are not so well lit.
  • mini motorized brush: as above, but smaller. It’s perfect for cleaning upholstery, furniture, and even rugs.
  • 2 in 1 dusting brush: It is a small brush to lift dust from objects (such as a keyboard) and thus vacuum them more easily.
  • crevice tool: This is the typical short reach tube with a reduced tip to clean anything in handheld vacuum mode.
  • 2 filters: They are microfiber pre-filters, although they also come with a HEPA filter.
  • hair cleaning tool: to clean all the dirt trapped in the filters.
  • Wall bracket with adapter: to store the vacuum cleaner hanging on the wall and at the same time charge it.
Contents of the Tineco Pure One X box
Contents of the Tineco Pure One X box

With all these accessories, the Tineco Pure One X can be adapted to any type of use you want to give it. without having to buy anything extra. And that seems to us to be one of its great advantages over other vacuum cleaners on the market.

until it is compatible with the Tineco app, which you install on your smartphone and allows you to monitor battery life, check cleaning reports and check filter status reminders.


‎Tineco Life

How well does the Tineco Pure One X work and vacuum? Is it the best option for your home?

The maximum suction power of this vacuum cleaner is 80 W which is equivalent to a vacuum of 14200 Pa. That is enough to suck up dust, hair, food scraps and any other kind of solid waste. It works with any type of surface, including floors, carpets and even objects. But you will not always use it with full power, because by default it comes in “Auto” mode.

With the power on automatic, its integrated dust sensor detects the type of residue that is being vacuumed at all times. If there is a lot of dirt, the power will rise by itself to the maximum level to take it all away. But if there is not much dust, the vacuum cleaner will lower the power so as not to consume so much battery and make less noise. So as you use it, you will notice that it will constantly change power.

Tineco Pure One X floor roller
Tineco Pure One X in use with the roller and the LED lights on

The truth is that in automatic it seems to us the best way to use it, because in this mode the vacuum cleaner will act intelligently and you will only have to move it. However, it can fail and not detect dirt well. In that case there is no problem, since by simply pressing the button on the top of the handle you can force it to suck at the maximum.

It also has a manual mode that allows you to adjust the power to your liking. Believe us that you don’t have to worry about suction power. However, keep in mind that not designed to suck up liquids. Technically, it is classified as a dry vacuum, so it can only swallow solid dirt.

Also, you should consider that we are dealing with a compact vacuum cleaner that it is not designed to clean large houses over 180 meters because of its small battery. In fact, if you use it at full power all the time, we would say that it is not enough to clean an entire house of that size. Does it take 15 minutes or more to vacuum your car? You will run out of battery during the process.

Final opinion on the Tineco Pure One X: Is it worth it?

Tineco Pure One X vacuum cleaner
Tineco Pure One X vacuum cleaner without accessories installed

The Tineco Pure One X is the most comfortable and light cordless vacuum cleaner that has passed through our hands. It is smart, very easy to use and versatile. For quick cleaning of your house or specific things, it’s great. It could be better? Yes, its autonomy at maximum power is just over 10 minutes, but it is the price to pay for such an ergonomic and light design.

If you don’t need deep cleaning all the time and you prioritize your comfort when vacuuming, this vacuum cleaner is perfect for you. Have a discount of more than 60 € right now on Amazon and it stays at only €225. For that price, it is impossible not to recommend it.