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You may have heard of temporary email services And you’ve been wondering why anyone would need it Well, these disposable email accounts are a great solution to get rid of spam on your personal account. I explain.

Each of us receives spam or junk mail that is stored in our inbox. This type of unwanted electronic correspondence is automatically filtered in a special tray dedicated to spam, but it is possible that sometimes one of them enters us.

In principle, most spam arrives after we have entered our personal address on different sites to register. Subsequently, the databases with our email are sold to third parties, so we receive spam in our mailbox.

How a temporary email works

There are many sites that provide temporary email accounts and they are very easy to use.

First, if the service allows it, you choose the name of the account, then you can enter the temporary address in the sites where you need an activation email. If you receive an email, you will be able to read it in your inbox when it updates after a few seconds. You can even reply, but not send.

They are usually available for a maximum of one month, but there are extensions in exchange for a subscription, depending on the service you use.

With these services, am I guaranteed my anonymity?

Disposable mail services do their best to protect your identity and do not collect or record any personal data. Nevertheless, do not use these types of services for illegal activities. These systems are for personal and legal use only. Read carefully the terms and conditions of the service you choose before you use it.


One of the most popular temporary email services is Guerrilla Mail. This site quickly provides a temporary email that remains permanently activated without the need to reactivate it as with other services.

There are 9 different domains and you can choose the name to your liking. Although these temporary addresses do not expire, the emails you receive in your inbox will be automatically deleted after one hour of your arrival so as not to take up space.


Mailinator is another well-known service that provides disposable email addresses that is conspicuous by its simplicity. It has a very friendly interface, steering remains active for a long time, but emails are deleted within a few hours of receipt.

You must bear in mind that these services are normally blocked by the main sites like Facebook, after it has become a well-known domain.


In a simple and friendly way, 10MinuteMail it also offers you a temporary email account. This service only provides active addresses for 10 minutes. Also, when you enter the site, the name of the temporary address is random, without the possibility of choosing a personalized name.


FakeInbox is another very popular site, but slightly different from the others. Emails are automatically generated and available for one hour for use, and allows you to reply to received emails during this time period.


Any It is also one of the services that the disposable account generates automatically when you enter the site and then remains active for 24 hours as long as you don’t close the browser page.

You can reply to emails and the display mode is classic with a list for incoming messages and clicking on one opens a separate page.

Mailboxes are not deleted and can be used as long as the domain is active. They recycle the domains very occasionally and send you a notice a month in advance, so that you make sure to transfer the inbox to a new domain before they recycle the old one. Individual messages are deleted after 7 days.