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➤ 7 Best Programs for Children With Autism of 2021

A significant percentage of children in the world suffer from autism. Their brain does not develop properly, causing them to have problems to socialize with other people, and affect their learning and understanding the world, compared to how a “normal” person perceives it.

Fortunately we have the technology, and if you have a computer at home, you can help with the programs for children with autism most recommended.

The 7 Best Softwares For Children With Autism

In the market we can find a series of games, learning software, development of thinking skills and apps for autistic children that can be used from your own PC.

Not all focus on the same strategy, but they are generally developed by a team of professionals, so each function will be designed to address your problem and help you cope, so we will tell you a little more about them from here.

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1. AbaPlanet

Every child with autism problems should start by using AbaPlanet to be able to learn about vocabulary, as the application comes with a lot of exercises that will teach you more than 360 different words, adapted to the level of a pre-adolescent.

The advantage of the app is that they are not boring or demanding, but they come packaged in different games so that they can understand and studying while having fun, what your child will appreciate.

On the other hand, AbaPlanet is based on the Applied Behavior Analysis method, with good results in the time it has been available on the market. From exercises focused on receptive language, to other memory and matching dynamics.

The latter in particular will help you exercise your mind already match images with words, objects and colors. It can be downloaded for free from its website and installed on any computer.

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2. iSequences

AbaPlanet’s sister is iSequences, which is available for both iOS and Android and can be a great opportunity for children with Asperger’s Syndrome to achieve a second chance at socialization.

Its topics are inclined to address social conflicts, emotions and the autonomy of each autistic child. For this you have a package of more than 100 sequences that come pre-programmed and that include many exercises.

In that sense, iSequences explain how language is composed and its structure, so that you know the most appropriate way to communicate with others. There are also tasks that will help you to know and manage your own emotions, being able to control them in cases of contingency.

Likewise, it gives you the tools to teach your little one everything about the habits and tasks of the day to day, being one of the best programs for autistic children that you will find.

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3. Road iSequences

The same developer of the previous applications has launched a new proposal. Is about iVial Sequences, which has practically the same purpose as traditional software, but adapted to the road environment.

In that case you provides up to 31 different sequences so that your child learns to recognize road signs and signals, differentiate the colors and changes of the traffic light bulbs, as well as the norms and rules that he must consider as a pedestrian, cyclist or vehicular conduit.

On the other hand, iSequences Vial contains lots of games and exercises that vary according to the dynamics. For example, you will be asked to order images based on a certain sequence, and they are related to the theme of the tracks.

It also leaves open the possibility that the little ones wonder if their answers will affect the final result, so that they can select the one that best convinces them. It is multi-language and can be adjusted according to the level of learning of the autistic.

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4. Boardmaker

Many of the children with autism problems also have communication conflicts, so Boardmaker It will be a decisive tool so that you can know what they want to say to you, and you only need your PC.

This application allows you create communication boards or whiteboards, in which you can incorporate tons of SPC symbols based on different categories, including food, needs, greetings, emotions, sexuality, experimentation, adventures and more.

If that wasn’t enough, Boardmaker allows you to group all symbols and shapes through categories, and you can organize them yourself. or ask your little one to select themThus, identification becomes easier, being one of the best programs for children with autism.

Each figure can be changed color or simply left in black and white, depending on the particular cases of each child. It is very easy to adjust and is available for MacOS and Windows 10 computers, the latter in compatibility mode, as well as in its web version.

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5. Doctor TEA

TEA doctor It is not an installable software, but can be used in the cloud with browsers such as Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge. His proposal leans towards an informative point of view, to teach children with the Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) how a hospital works.

In general, these types of patients tend to suffer anxiety and fear when they step on medical centers, so the program will help you get to know the spaces, treatments and medical specialties.

In fact, Doctor TEA provides us with an interactive and illustrative website that the little one can click to know each office, anticipate the reception of health professionals and explain what the common tools that we find there are for.

Another advantage is that it helps medical personnel know the protocols for treating an autistic patient properly, following the advice and recommendations that are integrated into the platform.

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Visual learners It is a marvel for autistic people to enjoy stories and literary stories without the need to handle reading. Instead, every book comes arranged with a series of pictograms along with their respective instructions so that the little ones understand it that way.

Even such pictograms have been designed taking into account the basic knowledge of this type of problem, which allows them to take the meaning starting from your daily life.

However, not only contains more than 20 stories amazing, but also equipped with a catalog of courses based on various topics, so that children learn more than just a vocabulary.

For example, they may receive certifications in simple trades and professions, and that they can do without any inconvenience. It can be said that it is one of the best educational programs for children with autism and speech problems.

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7. Pipo Online

A classic of early childhood learning is Pipo Online, which initially started as a game for autistic children installable, but can already be used online directly from your own website.

This consists of a nice character named Pipo, who has the task of teaching you about various topics, among which stand out the geography, the political distribution of the countries of the world, numbers, letters and colors, as well as animals and elements of nature.

Pipo Online also offers you language classes such as English and Spanish, the professions you can choose from when you grow up, among other incredible dynamics. On the platform you will find lots of individual games and they can be played and played from any browser.

It even has the downloadable versions of the full software, but you will have to buy it if you want to unlock all its features. It is an application for all children, and serves as a booster for those with autism.

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Learn about learning and knowledge games, download communication charts, help them socialize and more with Programs for Children with Autism. This condition is not reversible, but if you can control it so that they do not completely affect the lives of the little TEAs.

Many psychologists, educational psychologists and professionals in the area recommend the use of these types of tools because can facilitate the work that an expert will do, but without leaving home.

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It is proven that the easiest way for children to learn is through games. For this reason, each application of this review provides us with different games, but adapted to the requirements that a child with autism needs.

In addition, you can try complementary systems such as communication tables, which are essential to know what they want, how they feel and what things they need, even being more precise than a language or sign language.