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▷ Requirements when creating sticker packs for WhatsApp

Stickers are one of the most popular and useful things used on WhatsApp. They are perfect for expressing yourself, making memes, and even answering questions in a fun way. The most interesting thing is that users also have the ability to create their own stickers to send to your friends.

Stickers can be made from any image, you just have to know how to make them so that they are of good quality and you can use on WhatsApp. For that reason, below we will show you a series of requirements that you need to be able to create your stickers.

How to create a sticker pack

sticker maker packs

In order to create a sticker, you practically need 2 things, images and an application. In this case, we recommend Sticker Maker, since create sticker packs quickly and easily. You just have to follow these steps:

  • Download Sticker Maker.
  • Get in in the app.
  • Create a pack of stickers.
  • to write Title and Description.
  • Place a icon for the pack.
  • Select images that you want to be part of the pack of Stickers
  • Keep.
  • Enter WhatsApp and look for the pack in the stickers gallery.

Notably it is necessary to comply with certain parameters so that the images can be uploaded to the pack correctly. Otherwise, some stickers may go wrong when sent.

Sticker Maker

Requirements for sticker packs to be uploaded

dimensions of stickers

To avoid that the stickers go wrong when you send them by WhatsApp, you have to take into account some requirements. Thus, you will avoid problems and they will be of good quality, which is good if you are thinking of uploading them to digital stores. To do this, you must take into account the following:

  • The image must be in PNG format (image with transparent background).
  • The exact dimensions must be 512 x 512 pixels (height and width).
  • Each sticker must not exceed 100 kilobytes (image weight).
  • Create an icon that identifies the pack of stickers. For this, the maximum dimension is 96 x 96 pixels (height and width). And its weight cannot exceed 50 kilobytes (image weight).
  • You need to follow certain color patterns, because they will work in dark mode too. It is advisable include white border or outline. You should also put a separation margin between the edge of the canvas and the image of about 16 pixels.

It is most recommended that you use programs like Photoshop or Photoscape so you can edit the images smoothly. Although if you want to do everything on your mobile, you can use Inshot to edit the resolution and Background Eraser to place the transparent background.

Video Editor - InShot

How to upload a WhatsApp sticker pack to Google Play

Uploading a sticker pack to digital stores is a complicated process. That is why it is necessary that you pay close attention to the steps that we will indicate. Once you meet all the requirements and have properly edited each of the images that you want to have in the sticker pack, you need to create an application.

Download the necessary files

  • Download Android Studio in the computer.

  • Then you must go to the official Github page. Here you must click on Clone for Download and select Download ZIP.
  • When the file is downloaded you will have to unzip it and a folder called stickers-master.
  • Inside that folder you will find another call a mail stikers.

Synchronize the project

android studio sync

When you have reached this step, it is time to open the Android Studio program to be able to synchronize the stickers project. Now you must do the following:

  • Walk into Open an existing Android Studio Project.
  • Find the folder stickers-master, then open uncomorreo stickers and select the file named Android.

Verify the operation of the application

android studio check operation

The loading process to open the project in Android Studio may take a while, do not close the program forcibly because it would create problems in the application. When you’re done loading and at the bottom of the screen say Synced Succesfully, you have to continue with these steps:

  • Check if the application works by entering Settings (Tools) and clicking on AVD Manager.
  • Select one of the emulators that appear on the screen and then press OK.
  • The emulator will open and show you if the process is ok.
  • Then head to the App folder in Android Studio.
  • Enter Assets
  • Open the file called Contents.json

Modify the application

android studio modify app

Once you enter Contents.json you will have to change the name of the codes depending on what you want to modify in the application. Next, we will tell you what each thing means:

  • Identifier: enter the name of the sticker packs, where the folders will be named from 1 to 10 depending on the ones you want to add.
  • Yam: place the name of the sticker.
  • Publisher: put the name of the creator of the pack.
  • Tray_image_file: put the name of the image that will be the icon of the sticker pack.
  • Publisher_email (optional): enter the creator’s email.
  • Publisher_website (optional): enter the official website of the creator.
  • Privacy_policy_website: enter the link to the privacy policy.
  • License_agreement_website: put a license acceptance link.

Create the application

android studio save apk

When you have added all the sticker packs and have modified the necessary codes, you will be able to export your APK:

  • Go to Build.
  • Walk into Build Bundle (s) / APK (s)
  • To select Build APK (s)

The project will be exported as APK and you can now share it with the community in digital stores.

Upload the application to the Google Play Store

Google Play Developer Console process

  • Go to the Google Play Developer Console on your computer.
  • Register and pay $ 25 to get the developer subscription for one year (nothing can be uploaded without paying for it).
  • Enter the applications menu and press Add Application.
  • Select a idiom.
  • Place the creator’s name for Google Play.
  • Login to Upload APK.
  • Choose the playback channel: beta or alpha.
  • Upload the APK of the stickers application.

After this, all you have to do is put a description and if your app will be free or paid. As you can see, it is quite a long process, but it is not difficult. On the other hand, if you want to have the best stickers, there are some Marvel and anime that you will surely like.

If, on the other hand, you have problems downloading WhatsApp, we will explain it to you here.